Microgrid Design and Simulation with Simulink

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Discover the essentials of microgrid design and simulation using Simscape Electrical™ and Simulink®. Get started with expert insights in this blog.

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What is a microgrid?

A microgrid (MG) is a locally based, small-scale energy system composed of one or more generation units, and it can operate autonomously from a centralized grid. Microgrids consist of one or more generation units.

Role of simulations

Using simulation during the design process allows engineers to evaluate microgrid behavior under various operating conditions and optimize the design for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Role of Simulink

Simscape Electrical™ and Simulink® provide engineers with libraries for modeling microgrids and developing supervisory and closed-loop control algorithms.

Engineers can:

  • Develop system-level simulation models of microgrid architectures
  • Perform techno-economic modeling and analysis to determine system configuration and component sizing
  • Conduct operational evaluations with changing loads, loss of power sources, and islanding scenarios
  • Develop and implement algorithms for maintaining power balance, voltage regulation, power quality, fault detection, and protection logic
  • Assess the design for compliance with technical standards such as IEEE 2030.

How to get started with Simulink for microgrid design?

In this video, we present two examples that will help you better understand several modeling techniques that you can use for microgrid designs and simulations.

  • Example 1: System Level Model of a Micro-Grid
  • Example 2: Detailed Model of a Grid-Connected PV Array

After watching this video, you will be able to recognize the level of modeling details suited to your needs and then choose the right level of model fidelity.


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