Simulation of Electric Motors in COMSOL Multiphysics

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At the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), stakeholders signed a declaration to reach 100% zero emissions of new cars and vans sales by 2040. Leading automakers are putting all their energy to pave the way for electric vehicles, revving up the development of electric and hybrid motors.

This rapid evolution of the global transportation industry toward the use of clean energy has created the need for an agile approach in the R&D of electric motors, which will only keep growing, and the already high expectations toward engineers working in the R&D of electric motors are also only going to get higher.

Every year engineering teams are expected to work faster than the year before, yet without sacrificing quality.

Join this webinar to explore the power of simulation for designing high-performance electric motors.

During this webinar, you will learn how:

  • Speed up the testing phase in the product development cycle.
  • Perform quick iterations at a fraction of the cost.
  • Combine different physics phenomena involved in motor functioning in a single model to obtain accurate results through simulation.
  • Couple different physics for modeling rotor-induced noise emission, vibrations, the structural integrity of the motor, and power losses.
  • Examine key parameters influencing motor efficiency, such as cogging, rotor torque, air gap MMF, and iron losses.


  • Why COMSOL Multiphysics?
  • Challenges of electric motor simulation
  • Simulation workflow in COMSOL
  • Extending the model with co-simulation
  • Remarks
  • Q&A

Recommended for:

  • Vehicle R&D and CAE Professionals
  • Auto Parts R&D and CAE Professionals
  • Simulation Professionals
  • Auto Testing Professionals
  • Testing Tools Manufacturers
  • Everyone who seeks to find optimal parameters of electric motors.
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Simulation of Electric Motors in COMSOL Multiphysics

About the Speaker(s)

  • Arpad Forberger

    Application Engineer

    Arpad is an application engineer at SciEngineer. His research and consulting work focus on technical computing and finite element modeling.

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Free | online | Arpad Forberger

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Simulation of Electric Motors in COMSOL Multiphysics

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