Electric Vehicle Architecture Modeling and Simulation with Simulink

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The global electric vehicle market share has taken a tremendous leap forward in the past years. According to the electric vehicle world sales database, electric vehicle global sales in 2021 reached 6,75 million units (passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, and light trucks), 108% more than in 2020. Carried by a decarbonization challenge, automotive industry leaders are set on reaching zero-emission targets by 2040. And this is only the beginning.

If previously, when talking about electric vehicles, we mainly referred to the automotive industry, the latest news tells us that aerospace is not far behind, with the first commercial routes starting in 2026.

The rapid pace of technological change is creating challenges for engineers across industries, but workloads could be quite manageable with the right and timely training.

During this Webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Develop system-level simulation models of electric vehicle architectures using Simulink and Simscape Electrical
  • Change the fidelity of simulation models to support different technology readiness levels
  • Choose the right model fidelity for your engineering tasks
  • Develop models for both desktop and real-time simulation
  • Run simulation scenarios in parallel and analyze the results in MATLAB
  • Include multi-domain physics – the electrical generators’ thermal response and active cooling
  • Conduct HIL simulation and test.


  • Model Fidelity and Technology Readiness
  • SimScape Local Solver and Simulink Global Solver
  • Using Different Sample Times for Different Physical Networks
  • Hybrid Electric Aircraft:

○ DC Equivalent
○ AC/DC with Average-Value Converters
○ Thermal Generators and Active Cooling
○ Real-Time Simulation using Simulink Real-Time and Speedgoat

  • Summary

Recommended for:

  • Aerospace engineers
  • Defense engineers
  • Automotive engineers
  • Everyone who is working in the development of electric vehicle architectures(e.g., hybrid airplanes, drones, fully electric cars, hybrid(HEV)/plugin hybrid(PHEV) cars)
  • Managers who are looking for a platform to develop electric vehicles from the concept to the go-to-market phase
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Electric Vehicle Architecture Modeling and Simulation with Simulink

About the Speaker(s)

  • Bence Nagy

    Application Engineer

    Bence’s consulting and development work focus on model-based design and vehicle dynamics simulations.

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Free | online | Bence Nagy

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Electric Vehicle Architecture Modeling and Simulation with Simulink

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