Rapid Control Prototyping for Electric Motors with Simulink Real-Time

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There are a number of advantages to using rapid control prototyping (RCP), such as engineers can quickly design, optimize, and test new control strategies in a real environment in order to identify and resolve potential problems earlier in the process. To top it all up, RCP is a cost-effective way to prototype and shorten time-to-market, as it is an automated process that eliminates time-consuming and error-prone hand-coding tasks.

During this webinar, we will concentrate on the most efficient way to test your Simulink control designs in real-time while connecting to hardware.

Our Application Engineer – Domonkos Szekér – will explain how easily you can configure and run the controller algorithm on a real-time target computer and communicate through high-speed I/O interfaces to power electronics, sensors, and the motor.

During this Webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Support your motor control workflow in Simulink
  • Use Experimental data for motor parameter estimation
  • Proceed from open-loop simulations to closed-loop, real-time tests of motor controls
  • Review performance of closed-loop motor control algorithms in Simulink
  • Deploy and test controls algorithm in real-time on Speedgoat hardware
  • Connect and interact with motor and inverter hardware from Simulink
  • Estimate parameters using data collected from the motor
  • Log data and tune parameters while the test is running in real-time
  • Automate real-time testing tasks with Simulink and Speedgoat hardware


  • Spin PMSM in Open-Loop
  • Review FOC Algorithm and
  • Test in Real-Time
  • Estimate Motor Parameters using Experimental Data
  • Automate Real-Time Testing

Recommended for:

  • Engineers who are eager to learn how to design motor control
  • Engineers looking for Rapid Control Prototype solutions
  • Control Design engineers interested in the benefits of Model-Based Design
  • Motor control engineers who are about to shorten the development time
  • Motor control engineers looking for Real-Time testing solutions
  • Control design engineers looking for Motor Parameter Estimation solutions
  • Control Design engineers are interested in how Simulink can speed up the development
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Rapid Control Prototyping for Electric Motors with Simulink Real-Time

About the Speaker(s)

  • Domonkos Szeker

    Application Engineering Team Lead

    Domonkos’s consulting and development work focus on model-based design and automatic code generation.

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Free | online | Domonkos Szeker

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Rapid Control Prototyping for Electric Motors with Simulink Real-Time

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