Bence Kovats

Bence Csaba Kovats

Vice President at BME Suborbitals

Bence is currently serving as the Vice President at BME Suborbitals, while also working as an Application Engineer Trainee at SciEngineer.

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Bence Csaba Kovats is a driven professional whose journey with BME Suborbitals, a renowned rocket development competition team from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), reflects his commitment and progression within the field. As Vice President since October 2023, Bence has showcased leadership skills in driving impactful initiatives. Since starting as a team member in March 2022, Bence’s dedication and passion for aerospace have been integral to the team’s success. Concurrently, he has been sharpening his skills as an application engineer trainee at SciEngineer since July 2023, demonstrating a well-rounded commitment to his professional journey.

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