Battery Pack Design with Cell Balancing and Thermal Management

Battery Management Systems development with Simulink

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Battery management systems (BMSs) are essential for managing batteries in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). The BMS is in charge of keeping the battery pack in efficient operating conditions, improving battery efficiency, and forecasting and increasing battery life.
When working on BMSs, battery pack designers have to take into consideration a lot of factors, including pack topology, charging speed, temperature increase during fast charging, and time needed to balance battery cells.

During this video, we will explore these aspects of designing a battery pack and how Simscape Battery™ can make the whole process easier.


  • Simscape Battery introduction
  • Battery Pack Modeling
  • Cell Balancing
  • Charging
  • Thermal management
  • Implementing battery packs to electric vehicle models

Join this webinar to:

  • Gain a solid understanding of how to design a battery pack that is both efficient and safe
  • Learn about most of the new features available in Simscape Battery, including:
    1. Battery pack builder API
    2. Liquid cooled plate for thermal modeling
    3. Cell balancing
    4. State of charge (SOC) estimation
    5. Constant current constant voltage (CC-CV) charging

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If you would like to take your education to the next level, check out our blog on battery management systems development with Simulink and model-based design. The blog discusses in detail the dynamic behavior of a battery pack, operational cases, software architectures, and hardware testing early in the design process.

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But if you don’t have time to investigate the entire battery pack design process, you don’t have to miss out on world-changing trends. Reach out to our Consulting, our professional services, and see how u can take your microgrid design to a new level.

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Battery Pack Design with Cell Balancing and Thermal Management

About the Speaker(s)

  • Bence Nagy

    Application Engineer

    Bence’s consulting and development work focus on model-based design and vehicle dynamics simulations.

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Free | online | Bence Nagy

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Battery Pack Design with Cell Balancing and Thermal Management

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