MATLAB and Simulink for Biotech and Pharmaceutical

Explore how MATLAB® and Simulink® empower scientists and engineers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries to hybridize diverse data streams, from signals to text and genetics.

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If we have to choose one area where the term data analytics is part of the everyday vernacular, medical sciences would definitely be at the top of the list. The older techniques of curing patients are being replaced by new generations of medical equipment that are powered by AI, machine learning, and deep learning technologies.

Navigating data analytics challenges

Efficiently developing and integrating data analytics solutions in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors comes with its fair share of challenges. These hurdles include data quality variations, model selection, deployment into the target environment, and a host of others. In the world of data analytics, the list of considerations is seemingly endless. Our comprehensive video series aims to provide a glimpse into how MATLAB and Simulink empower scientists and engineers within the biotech and pharmaceutical industries:

MATLAB and Simulink capabilities

Discover the formidable capabilities that MATLAB and Simulink offer for biotech and pharmaceutical research.

Effective team collaboration in MATLAB and Simulink

Explore strategies for fostering effective team collaboration within the MATLAB and Simulink environment, vital for tackling complex research challenges.

End-to-end data analytics & modeling workflows in MATLAB

Uncover the end-to-end workflows that enable data analytics, modeling, and research in the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, tailored for the unique demands of this critical field.

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