How Engineers are Preparing for 2035 with Modeling and Simulation

Webinar: How Engineers are Preparing for 2035 with Modeling and Simulation

1 hour | Free | Online | Arpad Forberger Bence Takacs


What do you imagine when you think of the year 2035? If you’re an engineer, you are probably hoping we will have mastered advanced simulation technologies. Enabling us to design, test, and refine products virtually, significantly reducing the need for physical prototypes and streamlining the development process while ensuring even higher levels of safety and innovation. 

Amidst the rapid evolution of technology and trends, in the dynamic world of engineering, where innovation is paramount and efficiency is key, R&D teams are constantly apprehensive about one thing: how to maximize productivity, reduce costs, shorten time to market, build fewer prototypes, and streamline processes without compromising on quality. In this quest for excellence, the utilization of advanced simulation software emerges as a powerful tool.

Why you should start now

Modeling and simulation tools are not only growing rapidly in use, but also evolving at an unprecedented pace. By the year 2035, modeling and simulation tools such as COMSOL Multiphysics are anticipated to have reached unparalleled levels of sophistication and versatility. 

With advancements in computing power, algorithmic refinement, and integration with emerging technologies such as quantum computing, machine learning, and augmented reality, these tools will empower engineers and scientists to tackle increasingly complex problems across a wide range of disciplines. 

Additionally, the widespread adoption of digital twins and predictive analytics enabled by these tools will revolutionize industries, leading to more efficient design processes, optimized performance of systems, and ultimately, transformative innovations that reshape the way we interact with the world around us.

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn about modeling and simulation and how it can transform your work
  • Gain an edge in the market with modeling and simulation skills and knowledge
  • Stay ahead of your competitors with innovative engineering software solutions
  • Get an inside look at how industry-leading innovators are using COMSOL multiphysics to create outstanding products


  • Common engineering challenges
  • Solution: Modeling and Simulation
  • Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics and how it differs from its competitors 
  • Use cases
  • Discussion 
  • Q&A

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About the Speaker(s)

  • Arpad Forberger

    Application Engineer

    Arpad is an application engineer at SciEngineer. His research and consulting work focus on technical computing and finite element modeling.

  • Bence Takacs

    Bence Takacs

    Sales Representative – COMSOL

    Bence is helping organizations overcome complex engineering challenges and accelerate innovation with the help of COMSOL Multiphysics and FEA

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