Machine Learning for Space Missions: A Game Changer for Vision-Based Sensing

Space shuttle take off in the space from Earth. Stars and Planet on background. Atmosphere. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

In this white paper, Ossi Saarela talks about how the confluence of vision-based sensing and machine learning is impacting the space industry.

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In the vast expanse of space, where precision and independence are incredibly important, vision-based sensing systems have emerged as the unsung heroes of modern space missions. These systems, powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, are changing the way we navigate, rendezvous, land, and explore other planets and celestial bodies. Ossi Saarela, the space segment manager at MathWorks, sheds light on this groundbreaking development in his white paper titled “Machine Learning for Space Missions: A Game Changer for Vision-Based Sensing.”

In this white paper, Ossi delves deeper into topics such as:

  • Traditional Development of Vision-Based Systems
  • Accelerating Development with MATLAB and Simulink
  • Machine Learning: A Game Changer
  • Incremental Adoption of Machine Learning
  • Availability of Training Data
  • The Future of Space-Rated Hardware
  • A Road Map for Vision-Based Sensing

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge and explore the future of space missions.

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