Machine Learning with MATLAB in Smart Factory Research

Studen working on a robot's code

1 hour | Free | Online | Akos Koppany Kiss Denis Jankovic

Over 2000 universities worldwide choose a Campus-Wide License, providing quick and easy access to MathWorks® products for faculty, staff, and researchers on any device, on and off campus. This comprehensive licensing solution empowers academic institutions to integrate MATLAB® and Simulink® seamlessly into their educational and research workflows.

Join our experts, Akos Koppany Kiss and Denis Jankovic, as they explore how easily educators can turn their students’ education into an interactive and efficient experience.

Join this webinar to:

  • Harness the full potential of MathWorks products for an interactive and efficient student learning experience.
  • Explore innovative teaching methodologies and assessment strategies using MATLAB Grader™.
  • Gain real-world insights into the research applications of MATLAB in Industry 4.0 through Denis Jankovic’s case study.
  • Deepen your understanding of MATLAB’s role in advanced research methodologies through a detailed exploration with Denis Jankovic.


Part 1: Empowering Education with MathWorks’ tools

  • Self-paced online training courses
  • MATLAB Online & Live Scripts
  • MATLAB Grader™
  • Mobile Platform
  • Built-in Applications: AI & Machine Learning with MATLAB

Part 2: Case Study on research and applications at Smart Factories using Statistics & Machine Learning Toolbox

  • Brief background of the research problem (hydraulic press, forming process effects, friction limitations, etc.)
  • Design of experiments and data preparation, including data windowing and normalization
  • A data-driven approach to build regression models (GPR) using the Regression Learner Application integrated into MATLAB, covering hyperparameter optimization
  • Evaluation of GPR model performance
  • Comparison of simulation models with GPR models

Please allow approximately 60 minutes to attend the presentation and Q&A session.

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About the Speaker(s)

  • Akos Koppany Kiss

    Application Engineer

    Koppany’s research and consulting work focus on materials sciences, including electron microscopy and semiconductor measurement techniques.

  • Jankovic Denis photo

    Denis Jankovic

    Researcher, University of Ljubljana

    Denis is a PhD student and researcher at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Systems.

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