Quantitative Finance and Risk Management

Analise data, develop algorithms, prototype and validate computational finance models

Risk modeling is commonly used by financial institutions to detect, assess, control, and monitor risk. Risk professionals use mathematical risk models and statistical methods to determine the impact of risk, accelerate regulatory submission, improve capital allocation, and enable additional risk-based service offerings.

The most influential institutions in the world rely on MATLAB® software developed by MathWorks to streamline the model risk management process, calculate interest rates, carry out stress tests, manage portfolios worth multiple billions of dollars, and execute complex trades in a fraction of a second.

MATLAB enables financial institutions to increase productivity, reduce costs, and comply with regulatory expectations for managing their models.

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Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Curricula

  • Fixed-Income Curriculum

  • Econometrics Pricing and Valuation Curriculum

  • Energy Trading Curriculum

  • Equity Investment Management and Trading Curriculum

  • Reinsurance and Insurance Curriculum

  • Algorithmic Trading Curriculum

  • Credit Risk Management with MATLAB

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